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Institute of Information Technologies

Institute of Information Technologies of Chelyabinsk State University was founded in 2009.

The main aim of the Institute is to train the highly qualified specialists in the field of information technologies according to modern educational standards with further realization of practical experience in the field of information technology. There are more than 1000 students enrolled at the Institute.  

Teaching personnel includes:
5 Doctors of Science

6 PhD's

6 lecturers

The average age of the teachers is 30-35 years; the majority of them are practitioners. That fact guarantees the relevancy and efficiency of educational process in Institute of Information Technologies. During the last study years the Institute has invited corporate employees from private enterprises and administrative institutions to hold classes.

Brief description of education process:

The IT Institute curriculum is focused on in-depth study of professional disciplines, covers practical tasks and study modern IT-technologies which provide 60% of learning process time. Curriculum is always agreed with Supervisory Board of Institute of Information Technology.


  • Information Analysis Security System (Specialist - full-time study)
  • Informatics and Computation (Bachelor/Master degree - full-time/part-time study)
  • Business Informatics (Bachelor/Master degree - full-time/part-time study)
  • Applied Information Science in Economics (Bachelor degree - full-time study)
  • Basic Computer Science and Information Technologies (Bachelor degree - part-time study)

Part-time students' education is carried out through special IT environment called "i-University". The learning process here is based on use of on-line technologies that enable students to form individual study courses.

IT Institute provides special engineering training for design and administration of networks based on CISCO.


Acting Director of the Institute of Information Technologies​

​​Yulia Petrichenko

Academic achievements:

Students and tutors successfully participate in international competitions and events like «IT-Planet», «International Open Student i-contest», «Positive Hack Days», «UralCTF», «Security», «CSAW», and others.

International projects, seminars, conferences

International conference "IT Solutions and Systems" is aimed to create a forum composed of researchers, developers and ordinary users to explore new concepts, tools and techniques for the development of information technologies. The conference opens up opportunities of scientific achievement exchange between Russian and international researchers in the field of information technologies and applied mathematics.

Other information

In 2013 Chelyabinsk State University has established the Employers Supervisory Board of the Institute of Information and Technology which includes leading employer-enterprises both Federal and of Chelyabinsk Region. Faculty has signed cooperation agreements with such companies as: Rostelecom, Chelyabenergosbit, Mechel, Lanit-Ural, Tele 2, etc. These partnerships enable to train graduates in accordance with the objectives and professional standards of modern employer-enterprises. Ordinary classrooms in Institute of Information Technology have been substituted by a laboratory complex of a new format – I-lab - equipped with the specialized software. New standards will help students to develop software, to model enterprises' business processes and information safety control system from various kinds of attacks, to design multi-service network of telecommunications services provider, to carry out financial investigations and analyze financial fraud typologies.​​

​Address: 129 Bratiev Kashirinykh str.
454001 Chelyabinsk,​ Russia
Tel./fax: (351) 799-72-88, e-mail: iit@csu.ru
Web-site: www.iit.csu.ru