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Faculty of Biology

General information

Faculty of Biology was established in 1998.  

Formation of the Faculty is closely connected with Chelyabinsk State University and the names of chief executives of major Chelyabinsk enterprises, such as:

Akleev Alexander Vasilyevich - Doctor of Medical Science, Professor,

Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, director of  Ural Medical Radiology Center of FMBA of Russia, director of WHO (World Health Organization) co-operate Center, Chairman of Radiation Biology Department of CSU Faculty of Biology, Member of the Russian Scientific Board and Scientific Committee  on the impact of Atomic Radiation, member of the Editorial Board of the following magazines: "Radiation and Risk", "Medicine of Emergency Situation", "International Journal of Radiation Medicine", "Radiation and Environmental Biophysics", "Medical and Biological Problems of Life-Sustaining Activities",

Dolgushin Ilya Ilyich - Doctor of Medical Science, Professor, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Honored Scientist, Rector of South Ural State Medical University, Director of Scientific-Research Institute of Immunology (SUSMI).

Brukhin Gennadiy Vasilyevich - Doctor of Medical Science, Professor, Chairman of Histology, Cytology and Fetology Department (SUSMI), Professor of Microphytology Department of CSU.

Yachmenev Vladislav Anatolyevich – Candidate of Geographical Science, Associated Professor, Head of Branch Policy Department of Legislative Assembly of Chelyabinsk Region, Chairman of Bioecology Department of CSU Faculty of Biology.

Burmistrova Alexandra Leonidovna - Doctor of Medical Science, Professor, Chairman of Microphytology Department, Dean of CSU Biology Faculty. A. Burmistrova was invited from South Ural State Medical University in 1997 in order to organize the Faculty of Biology.

One of the most important components of Faculty graduates' competences and qualifications is educational process in response to production environment. This reflects the economic and social demands of regional labor markets and determines the high competitiveness of our graduates. Faculty of Biology of CSU is a striking example of experience of educational and scientific cooperation among Chelyabinsk leading enterprises, healthcare and public health facilities and food industry manufactories.

Over the last 15 years 529 specialists has graduated the Faculty of Biology. Today, the Faculty enrolls approximately 530 students, studying both on budgetary and extra-budgetary basis. The quality of graduated specialists is evidenced by their job placement and relevance on labor market.  They work in leading Russian and foreign research and scientific institutions (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Saratov, Tomsk, the USA, Germany, France).

There are also postgraduate studies which are carried out in the following specializations: "Clinical Allergology and Immunology", "Radiation Biology", "Microphytology".  In the last 15 years the Faculty staff and alumni have defended 3 doctoral and 32 PhD theses.  Currently, post-graduate education enrolls 10 people including external PhD students. 

Description of qualifications

There are 3 administering sub-departments on the Faculty: Microbiology, Radiation Biology and Bioecology.

Education is carried out on:

  • Bachelor degree 020200.62 (4 year study): specializations "Microbiology", "Physiology", "Genetics", "Biophysics", "Bioecology"
  • Specialist degree  (4 year study): specialization 020209.65 Microbiology (qualification "Medical microbiology"), specialization 020201.65 Biology (qualification "Radiation biology", "Genetics", "Cytology and Histology");
    Specialization 020803.65 Bioecology (qualification "Biological Environmental Monitoring", "Environment Management");

  • Master degree (2 year study): specialization 020400.68"Biology", qualifications: "Medical And Life Science", "Micro and Inframicrobiology", "Radiation Biology", "Genetics", "Development Biology", "Ecology".
  • Post-graduate education: specialization 03.02.03 Microbiology, 14.03.09  Clinical Immunology, Allergology,  03.01.01 Radiation biology.

Дарья Сташкевич

Information about the Dean

Dariya Stashkevitch - Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associated Professor​

Academic achievements

Students, postgraduates and teachers of Microbiology Department take part in international conferences and workshops of the European Federation of Immunogenetics (EFI). The data acquired on immunogenetic profile of 3 Chelyabinsk populatations is intergrated in International Database “Immunogenetics population”   (the Allele Frequency Net Database). For more information: http://www.allelefrequencies.net/. 

International conferences:

- I International Scientific and Practical Conference «Post-Genomic Analysis Techniques in Biology, Laboratory and Clinical Medicine”  (Moscow, 2010);
- «13th International Congress of the International Radiation Protection association» (Glasgow, Great Britain, 2012, The Society for Radiation Protection);
- “Postgenomic  Analysis Techniques in Biology, Laboratory and Clinical Medicine” (Kazan, Russia, 2012, Kazan Federal University, Research Institute of Physico-Chemical Medicine);  
- Health Physics Society 56th Annual Meeting (2011, West Palm Beach, Florida, the USA);
- 57th Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society (2012, the USA, Sacramento, California, Health Physics Society);
- Health Physics Society 58th Annual Meeting (2013, Madison, Wisconsin, the USA);
- International Scientific Conference “Radiation, Ecology, Technosphere” (Homel, Republic of Belarus, 2013).

Students and postgraduates of the Faculty are multiple grant-holders of the Chelyabinsk Region: 
Kochergina I.A. – scholarship of  Legislative Assembly of Chelyabinsk Region (2011); 

Grants for the best research works: 

- Solyanikova D.R. - scholarship of Chelyabinsk City Administration (2009),
- Sadovnikov P.S.– scholarship of Chelyabinsk Region Governor (2011)


- Vavilov M.N. - III place in competition in frames of VII Annual Conference of Immunology of Ural (2009) for  «Best report among prosperous scientists”; 
- Arsentieva N.U. and students of "Microbiology” specialty – I place of Russian National Innovation Forum  “Creativity and innovation of youth 2009”;
- Vavilov M.N. - II place in competition in frames of VII Annual Conference of Immunology of Ural (2010) for “Best report among prosperous scientists”;
- Koneva E.P. – III place in competition in frames of VII Annual Conference of Immunology of Ural (2010) for “Best report among prosperous scientists”;
- Stashkevitch D.S. and Kochergina I.A. winners of the regional competition of research works of students, postgraduates and prosperous scientists of Higher Educational Institutions, situated in Chelyabinsk Region (2013);
- Kochergina I.A. is a winner of the regional competition of research works of students, postgraduates and prosperous scientists of Higher Educational Institutions situated in Chelyabinsk Region (2013);

International projects, seminars and partners

Reputation of the Faculty is proved by the wide range of scientific bonds: Ural Department of Russian Academy of Sciences. (joint – UDRAOS/ CSU / Chelyabinsk Regional Blood Transfusion Station  –  Research Center for Molecular Immunogenetics), Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology n.a. Gamalei N.F. (Moscow), Institute of Immunology (Moscow), World Health Organization, George Washington University (the USA), National Cancer Institute (USA), Japan Foundation for the Study of Radiation Impact.​

​Adress: 129 Bratiyev Kashirinykh str., Off. 118
454001 Chelyabinsk, Russia 
Tel.: (351) 799-71-54​, e-mail: biol_faculty@csu.ru​​