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Institute of Law


Legal education refers to prestigious job and assured career progression.

The Faculty of Law was founded recalling the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic, dated March 7, 1991 (№81) and the order of CSU Rector, dated May 13, 1991 (№ 1781).

In August 27, 2013 the Faculty of Law was renamed into the Institute of Law (order № 404-1).

Today the Institute of Law numbers 1400 full-time and off-campus students.​

The students who study jurisprudence can specialize in one of the three areas: State Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law.

The Institute provides education on the following qualifications:

030900 «Jurisprudence»:

Bachelor degree

Master degree   (Master's programmes «Constitutional Law, Municipal Law», «Civil Law, Commercial Law», «Criminal Law, Criminal and Penal Law, Criminology», «International Law, European Law», «Civil practice, Arbitration proceedings», «Labour Law and Social Security Law».

030901.65 «Homeland Security Law Enforcement»

031001.65 «Law enforcement activities»

Apart from general and obligatory courses, the Institute offers law practice laboratory, various scientific interest groups with more than 500 participants. All the students take active part in scientific conferences and seminars.

Director of the Institute of Law 

Velikiy Andrey Anatolyevich​ – Candidate of Law Sciences, Associate Professor

Room 401
Phone: +7 (351) 799-71-45

​​The educative process is carried out by 72 lecturers within 6 academic departments:

  • Department of Theory and History of the State and Law 
  • Constitutional and Municipal Law department
  • Civil Law and Procedure Department
  • Criminal Law and Criminology Department
  • Criminal Procedure and Examination activities Department
  • Public prosecutor's supervision and law enforcement Department

Adress: 129 Bratiyev Kashirinykh str., off. 401
454001 Chelyabinsk, Russia ​
Tel.: (351) 799-71-43, e-mail: law@csu.ru​