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Faculty of Extra Mural and Distant Education


​In 1999 the Centre of Extra Mural and Distant Training was founded in Chelyabinsk State University (CSU) to implement the technologies of distant training into the process of education. In 2010 the Centre was reorganized into the Faculty of Extra Mural and Distant Education (FEMDE) and became a part of the Institute of Territorial Development (ITD) in CSU.

More than 3500 undergraduates study in the FEMDE. It offers the following programmes:

Bachelor's degree programme:
Specialty areas:
- Finances and credit; 

- Accounting, analysis and audit
Specialty areas:
- Production management;           

- Small business management
Federal and Municipal Management
Specialty areas:
 - Management of  federal property    

- Management of municipal property    

Personnel management

Specialty areas: Company personnel management

Psychological and Pedagogical Training

Specialty area: Psychological and pedagogical escort of preschool, general, additional and professional education

Specialty area: Civil Law

Master's degree programme:


Specialty area:   

- Finances and credit;                   

- Accounting, analysis and audit ​


Dean of the FEMDE: Shakir Yagafarov

Shakir Yagafarov was born in 1959. He graduated from the Faculty of Physics with a degree in physics in 1981 and from the Faculty of Management with a degree in Federal and Municipal Management in 2003. Shakir Yagafarov is Ph.D. in mathematical physics, Associate Professor, president of the trade-union committee of professors and staff members, who deals with extracurricular activities.

His field of study is Transition and mass carry in fine-dispersed systems.

Shakir Yagafarov is honoured with the Medal For Distinguished Labour in 1981, Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Education in 2003, has a title Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Training of the Russian Federation in 2011.

​​FEMDE carries out the innovative system of educational programmes realization with application of e-learning and distant educational technologies.

E-learning is realization of the educational process with application of:

  1. information kept in databases and used in educational programmes;
  2. information technologies and technical equipment ensuring the information processing;
  3. information and telecommunications networks ensuring transmission of information via communication channels;
  4. cooperation within the students community.


    Distant educational technologies (DET) are mainly implemented by usage of information and telecommunication technologies in mediate (distant) or not completely mediate student-instructor interaction.

    E-learning was designed for the following categories of people:

     -  the inhabitants of remote regions of Chelyabinsk Region and Russia;

     -  people who have a job and want to get a degree (and enhance their professional skills);

     - people who have a job and do not have an ability to learn using traditional educational technologies;

     - disabled people;

     -  military people;

     -  Russian-speaking population living abroad;

    - imprisoned people.

    The FEMDE uses modern equipment that permits to imply distant educational technologies into the process of education and has an e-library containing teaching materials for the offered professional educational programmes. The FEMDE carries out professional retraining and enhances professional skills of its staff members, instructors and professors for having skilled professionals in the sphere of e-learning. For the exchange of experience the FEMDE effectively cooperates with e-learning institutes and centres of the greatest institutes and universities of Russia which have achievements in training students using distant educational technologies.                                                                                         ​fQksPhz7v2A.jpg