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Institute of Professional Development and Retraining


General information

The Institute of Professional Development and Retraining (IPDR) was created in January 2013 in Chelyabinsk State University as the result of integration of the Institute of Supplementary Professional Education and the Institute of Professional Development of teachers of higher and specialized secondary educational establishments. The development of the supplementary education system by means of modern educational standards maintenance and education services quality improvement is the major aim of the institute creation.

In the course of its work the Institute of Professional Development and Retraining sticks to the following principles:

  • High service quality. The maximum improvement of service and educational quality for its students is one of the main aims of the Institute.
  • Modernity. All the developed syllabi are urgent and needed on the labor market.
  • Simplicity. It takes only 10 minutes to become a student.
  • Technological effectiveness. We believe that it is impossible to create new educational standards without implementing innovative technologies.
  • Innovation. That is only the thirst for innovations that helps us advance and perfect the system of higher education.

    'Be smart! Be the first!' is the slogan of the institute. It fully confirms the fact that you are able to become the first in business, science or at the workplace only with the help of modern knowledge and skills in several spheres of professional activity.

    Currently there are more than 200 students in the institute.

    More than 15 teachers including PhDs conduct the disciplines of the curricula.

General information on the specializations:

The institute provides both short-term and long-term curricula professional training in the following fields:

  • Foreign languages (the English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabian and Turkish languages);
  • Economics and Finance (Finance and Credit (an estimated value of a business and enterprises); Accountancy and Audit; 1C: Accounting 8; The International System of Accountancy, Financial Management and Audit; Logistics);
  • Management (Resort, Hotel and Tourism Manager; Organization Management; Management (Human Resources Management); PR and Advertising);
  • Information technologies (Basics of Web Design; Excel Programming; Development and Design of Websites and Web Applications);
  • Psychology of personal development (Public Speaking; Basics of Etiquette; Non-verbal Communication; Basics of Conflict-free Behavior, etc.)​


The biography of the Director

Alexandra Khudiakova, Candidate of Economic Sciences

Adress: 129 Bratiyev Kashirinykh str.
454001 Chelyabinsk, Russia
​Tel./fax: (351) 799-72-59, (351) 799-72-56, e-mail: ipkpk@csu.ruipkpkcsu@mail.ru​