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Faculty of Journalism

​Training of journalists at Chelyabinsk State University dates back to 1987. Graduates of the Faculty:

- hold key positions at all Chelyabinsk TV companies, as well as in Moscow and Saint Petersburg;

- work at leading radio stations;

- work at all Chelyabinsk newspapers and magazines;

- work at numerous Internet portals;

- work as heads of press services at ministries, government agencies and large companies.

Specialization 42.03.02 «Journalism» - In accordance with the received qualification graduates are able to perform the following professional skills and activities: author journalistic (creation of personal materials for mass media); executive journalistic (involvement into partnership with mass media and different layers of target audience); editorially journalistic (adjustment of the release materials in accordance with requirements and standards adopted in the media); programming (participation at the level of their employment duties in the information marketing, in setting and adjusting of the information concept, in planning and editorial analysis of its results; industrial and technological (text processing for broadcasting, work with retransmit information participation in the process of program and publication issue).

Specialization 42.03.01 «Advertising and public relations in the system of state and municipal management​»

Master Program 42.04.02 «Journalism» - Master's occupational field includes: work in mass media and related to information and communication areas, as well as research and teaching activities in educational institutions of this profile.​


Boris Kirshin - Dean of the Faculty of Journalism,

Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor, CSU Honorary Professor

162v Pobedy prosp., Off. 408
454084 Chelyabinsk, Russia 
Tel.: ​​(351) 799-70-30, e-mail: ​journalism@csu.ru​​