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Faculty of Chemistry

​General  information

Chemistry Faculty was founded in 1991. Previously, since 1976 the study process was carried out on the basis of Chemistry Department of Physic Faculty.

​Lecturing staff: 7 Professors and Doctors, 8 Associate Professors, PhD's, and 5 teachers.

Currently, 250 students study at Faculty of Chemistry


Program: Specialist program 020201.65 "Fundamental and Applied Chemistry"

Specialty: Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Material Chemistry and Solid Body Chemistry

Program: Bachelor program 020100.62 "Chemistry"

Specialty: Physical Chemistry, Organic and Biochemistry, Solid Body Chemistry and Material Chemistry​

Program: Master program:  020100.68 "Chemistry"

Specialty: Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Solid Body Chemistry

As a result students master in:

  • Common professional disciplines: non-organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, high molecular weight species, chemical engineering, quantum physics and quantum chemistry, colloid chemistry, physical methods of investigation, crystal chemistry constitution of matter, methods of teaching chemistry, anthropogenic systems and ecological risk
  • Special professional disciplines: basic chemistry of solid bodies, functional materials, physico-chemical characteristics of nanoprocess and nonlinearity of oxyhydrate gel systems, computational chemistry, computational methods in chemistry, alkaloid chemistry, basis of non-equilibrium thermodynamics, thermodynamics of solutions and compounds.

Education at the Faculty involves a large amount of laboratory exercises in non-organic, physical, analytical, colloidal, organic, macromolecular chemistry.

Mode of study: Full-time courses

Term of study for Specialists:  5 years.  The graduate receives a diploma and a qualification of "Chemist".

Term of study for Bachelor degree: 4 years.  The graduate receives a diploma and a degree of "Bachelor of Chemistry" or continues education in Master's program for 2 more years and get a degree and a qualification of "Master of Chemistry."

Burmistrov Vladimir Alexandrovich

Information about the Dean

Vladimir ​Burmistrov

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor. Honorary Worker of General Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

Graduated from Chelyabinsk State Paedagogical Institute, Physics Department and finished postgraduate studentship at the Department of Solid Body Chemistry of Ural Federal University in 1981. Later on, he had passed PhD defense in 1981 and in 2002 maintained a thesis for a Doctorate Degree.  After this he was entitled as the Professor of the Condensed Matter Physics Department.

There are following departments on the faculty:

  • Department of Analytical and Physical Chemistry
  • Department of Chemical Engineering and Computational Chemistry
  • Department of Solid Body Chemistry and Nanoprocesses​​​​​​


The Faculty is a multiple winner of creativity competitions and sporting events. 

Adress: 70-b Mologvardeitsev str.,​ Off. 311
454000 Chelyabinsk, Russia
Tel.: (351) 799-70-63, e-mail: chem_faculty@csu.ru ​