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Faculty of Ecology


General information

Faculty of Ecology was founded in 1996. Now, faculty has 270 students, 217 of whom are taking up full-time tuition, while 53 persons have chosen part-time education. The educational process is carried out by 16 teachers: 3 Doctors and 10 PhDs. Dean of the Faculty - Likhachev Sergey Fedorovich. 

Degrees and specializations

022000.62 Ecology and Environmental management.

Bachelor studies focuses on: natural and economic, antropogenic, ecological, industrial and social systems at the global, national, regional and local levels. National planning and control, monitoring, expertise of eco-components in various business activities, multi-level sustainable development programs are as well the subjects of study.

250100.62 – Forest management

Bachelor studies devoted to: forest and urban eco-systems of different levels, natural and anthropogenic forestry systems, specially-secured natural districts and other forests of high-conservation value, systems and methods for planning forest exploitation, as well as the means/methods of reforestation and afforestation, and finally, technological systems, tools, and methods of design, development, operation, reconstruction of forest park vegetation.

111400.62 - Aquatic bio resources and Aquiculture

Bachelor studies focuses on: methods for assessing ecological state, fishery value of the natural and artificial reservoirs, aquatic biological resources volume inventory, artificial breeding and commercial cultivation of fish; fodder/alimentary invertebrates and water plants; fish-rearing enterprise engineering, fishery and ecological monitoring of anthropogenic impact on aquatic resources, problems of fishery supervision and aquatic bio resources protection. 

022000.68 – Ecology and Environmental management

Master degree course is dedicated to: natural and economic, anthropogenic, ecological, industrial and social systems at the global, national, regional and local levels. National planning and control, monitoring, expertise of eco-components in various business activities, multi-level sustainable development programs, questions of formation, education, health care and population process are as well the subjects of study.  


Information about the Dean

Sergey ​Likhachev, ​Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor

Doctor of Biological Sciences, has graduated from Omsk State Pedagogical Institute named after M.A. Gorki in 1979. He is awarded a Certificate of Merit of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Areas of his scientific research include: protozoology, parasitology, evolutionism, invertebrate zoology and zooecology. Sergey Likhachev is the head of postgraduate studies program #03.02.04 "Zoology" and #03.02.08 "Ecology", he is also the Member of dissertation council of Omsk State Pedagogical Institute and Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical Institute. The Dean is author of more than 300 scientific and educational publications.  

Academic and cultural achievements

Over the past 17 years of successful work the Faculty had administered more than 400 graduates, who are now in strong demand among industrial enterprises, government control agencies, educational institutions and business companies. Students regularly take part and win prizes in sports competitions of regional, national and international level. There has established a system of student administration, the major role of which belongs to eco-pedagogical team "EcoSTOP".

International projects, seminars, conferences, partners

Since 2012, the members of the Faculty of Ecology are actively involved in the group-work "Quality of Food and Human Security" of Tempus Project – one of the EU programs, aimed to promote the development of higher education systems in the partner countries (Non-EU members).

Since 2013 faculty maintains cooperation in the field of science and education with Zhytomyr State Technological University (Ukraine), University of Cordoba (Spain) and University of Florence (Italy).

In 2013 faculty has managed to sign cooperation agreements with Grodno State Agrarian University Republic of Belarus) and Zhytomyr State Technological University (Ukraine). 

​Adress: 75 Vasilevskogo str.
454000 Chelyabinsk, Russia
Tel.: (351) 253-38-79; 254-49-03; 255-53-11, e-mail: ecol@csu.ru