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Institute of Economics of Industry, Business and Administration


​The Institute is one of the largest CSU structural units.  Institute work is focused on providing a wide range of high-quality educational services in the field of higher or secondary vocational education and conduction of scientific research of conceptual and applied character. Today, it enrolls more than 5,000 students and more than 100 Master students.

The Institute implements Bachelor educational programs with a profile in economics or engineering and management:

  • Economy
  • Management
  • Quality Management
  • System Analysis and Administration
  • Innovation


  • Customs

The Institute provides the following qualifications:

Full-time tuition:

  • Customs
  • Economy and company management
  • Quality management
  • Finance and credit
  • State and municipal management
  • Enterprise management

Part-time tutition:

  • Customs
  • Economy and company management
  • Finance and credit
  • Accounting, analysis and audit
  • State and municipal management
  • Quality management

Master's program:

  • Full-time tuition:
    • Economics
  • Part-time tutition:
    • Economics​


Director of the Institute 

Viktor Barkhatov - Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honorary Figure of Russian Higher Education, Honorary member of  the Academy of the Humanities, academician of International Academy of Science and practice of industry engineering,  associate member of  the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, active member of European Academy of Natural Sciences (London). He has the honorary title of "founder of the scientific school" and the Department he holds is awarded a diploma as "Golden Chair of Russia", he has also received a diploma of quality of the European Scientific and Industrial Board as well as winner's certificate of nationwide contest "The best Economics Department of Russia-2012".

Victor Barhatov is awarded the Medal "For merits to the Fatherland of the First Class", the medal for "Primitive soil reclamation", Order of Zhukov, commemorative medal "For Valorous Labour in commemoration of the 100th  anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Lenin", Order "Fame of the Nation" (the II degree), silver Vernadsky V.I. medal given by Russian Academy of Natural Sciences for "Outstanding achievements in the field of natural sciences and humanities".  Professor Barhatov is also the recipient of the medal  "Ascetic of Education" in honor of 300th anniversary of the birth of  Lomonosova M.V. bestowed by Association "Knowledge"  (Russia), order "Glory of Russia" for "significant contribution to Russian science, professional and ethical aptitude, community service and labor merit". He is known as Gold medalist of Russian National contest "Managerial resources" in the category of "Effective quality management of education", he is recognized as the honorary freeman of Nyazepetrovsk.   

Highly professional level of education services of organizational process allowed V.Barhatov to become the winner of the contest "Best manager of Russia" n.a.

Peter the Great. National Agency for qualification comparison affiliated to the government of the UK acknowledged Barhatov's qualification relevant to European standards of post-doctoral degree. Professor Barhatov is qualified by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation as "accountant- chief financial executive (manager), financial expert (consultant), he is considered a member of Federal lecturers group in Association "Knowledge".

V.Barhatov got merit badge for "Honoris causa of Chelyabinsk Region"
for "Good performance in the field of manpower training and outstanding contribution to science and economy of Chelyabinsk Region".

For his contribution to manpower training, high pedagogical skills, professional knowledge and scientific achievements V.Barhatov is awarded a title of "Emeritus professor of Chelyabinsk State University".

Bachelor's program of the institute of industry sector economics, business and administration

Bachelor's programs with an economic, engineering and management profiles. 

  • Economy
  • Ma​nagemnt
  • Quality management
  • System analysis and administration
  • Innovation studies

Term of apprenticeship:

4 years of full-time tuition (with any education base);

4 years of part-time tuition (on the basis of Secondary (complete) Education);

3 years of part-time tuition (on the basis of vocational secondary education);

3 years of part-time tuition (on the basis of Highest Vocational Education);

In Chelyabinsk Region there are more than 3000 manufacturing enterprises, 100 banks, 280 insurance companies, 5000 business concerns that employ economists and executives. Contrary to common misbelief that we have an "overage of economists" – many enterprises feel staff scarcity.

High level of knowledge of CSU bachelor degree students is reached through application of a modern and comprehensible credit-unit system, extensive and rational use of communication/education technologies, and competence approach to curriculum moderation, which obvious for employees.

The main skill you will master in is the ability to justify and make up management decision, carry out in-depth analysis of economic woes and devise various functional strategies for enterprises on its basis.

Bachelor degree course structure

Term of apprenticeship is 4 years. During this period students take up necessary steps for career growth which together form a specialist ready for work in any company.

The first course is the period of formation of basic skills essential for the further study at university, such as self-organization both in academic and extra-curricular activities, orientation in informational flows, ability to solve project-type problems, knowledge acquirement on such important subjects as: theoretical economics, management, marketing, economical mathematics, speech culture and business communication, enforceability of economic activity.  

The second course studies are dedicated to deepen and extension of professional knowledge and skills. Students acquire practice of teamwork in real economic entities.

On the third study-year students go through profiling process, during which they choose specialization and get expertise knowledge according to the specialization adopted.  Qualifications "Economy" and "Management" have 4 specializations, qualification "System analysis and administration" has 2 specializations, while "Quality management" qualification obtains 1 specialization.

During third year students also take part in workshops of leading mangers and specialists of main business enterprises. Educational process includes wide range of interactive technologies, like simulation games, externships and execution of work respective to the specialization fixed.

The 4th study year is mainly aimed at work on graduate qualification project – real project referred to problem solving process of ongoing business. All the preceding specialty courses, research internship and 12 weeks of project-making are attached to that aim.

Moreover, more than 6 months students will master in discipline chosen individually. This would help to specify the definite area of professional skills required for the future job. For example, students enrolled for the specialization "Enterprise economy" would be able to choose modular enhanced studying of a definite enterprise branch, its technical and economical peculiarities.  For instance, having taken up the studies of electrical power engineering,  students study the organization of the electricity markets, hallmarks of conventional power station's work of different kinds.  

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