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Faculty of Economics


General information

History of the Faculty of Economics began in 1977 with the opening of specialty "Economics and sociology of work" as a part of Faculty of History and Philology. In 1980 Economics and Finance Faculty appeared separately.

Today, Faculty of Economics has more than 2000 students, as well as highly qualified higher-education teaching personnel, that includes 16 Doctors of Science and over 50 PhD's.

Currently, the Faculty is conducting courses on the following profiles: "Economics", "Management", "Sociology", "Social Work", and a new highly-demanded profile "Economic security". 

Brief description of qualifications:

CSU Faculty of  Economics provides Bachelor degree programs (4 years)

on following qualifications:

- Economics: "Global economics", "Accounting, analysis and audit", "Finance and credit"  

Bachelor of Economics will be prepared for professional work in economic departments on enterprises and in organizations of various sectors and forms of incorporation, in state agencies of federal level for positions requiring basic higher economic education. Graduates are great in financing activities of enterprise, they can predict the results of capital investment, make financial schemes, prepare papers on financial issues for submission to the bank or tax service.

Specialist training program on Finance and credit gives knowledge in the field of state and municipal finance, currency circulation, banking and insurance, financial management and placement market; the program is oriented on those who work in any financial and credit institutions and organizations: Federal Treasury, Central Bank, Tax Service, State and municipal financial administration bodies, insurance companies, commercial banks, financial departments of enterprises and organizations of non-financial sector.  

On the basis of his knowledge the Bachelor can ensure formation, analysis and employment of information about assets, liabilities, capital, cash flows, income and expenses, as well as the financial performance of the companies, organizations and institutions - and thus help to improve the use of their economic potential.

Nowadays, economic security is becoming the basis of economic affairs functioning, personal, social and governmental enhancement, development of enterprises and organizations, operating efficiency of public administrative and municipal governance bodies.  Since 2012 students of the Faculty of  Economics are qualified as specialists in the following specialization: "Economic security", with a qualification in "Economic and legal provision of economic security", terms of study - 5 years.

The scope of  Bachelor's professional activities include social, governmental and individual economic security support;  legitimacy and public order maintenance in sphere of economics; forensic expert activities for ensuring jurisdiction, prevention, detection and investigation of economic offenses; economic and social activities of economic entities; work of economic, financial, industrial and analytical services in organizations, institutions, enterprises of various ownerships, as well as public and municipal authorities; competitive intelligence; economic education.

Future economic security specialists are predominantly studying legal, economic, fiscal, and financial disciplines. Among important disciplines you can find: administrative law, accounting, money, credit, banks, placement market, statistics, insurance, business administration, corporate economics, theoretical economics, economic analysis.  

As Russian market economics is establishing and developing, enterprises need specialists able to maintain Human resource management to improve significantly financial and economic situation in the company. Faculty of Economics began its study courses in 2013 with an efficiency increase of Bachelor degree programs, with specialization in "Management", qualification "Logistics and Supply Chain Management".

Management is a special kind of professional activity aimed at achieving an optimal organization of economic life on the basis of the results of the smart use of material, labor, financial, informational and organizational resources, along with the use of diverse principles, functions, and methods of economic incentives.

There are two types of logistics functions: operative and coordinative. Operative functions are related to the management of the transactions of material assets in the production supplement and distribution. In supply sphere it is the management of the transactions of crude materials, finished goods inventory from the supplier to manufacturing enterprise, warehouse or commercial storage area. At the production level logistics is management that includes control of the transactions of intermediate products through all stages of production, as well as the flow of goods in warehouses and markets.

Bachelor graduates of Management with a specialization in "Logistics and Supply Chain Management" are ready for work in logistics services industry, in trade and intermediary companies, logistics centers, shipping companies, and buying centers. 

In addition to this there is a possibility to get a degree of additional professional education "Interpreter in the field of professional communication". 



Aleksandra Egorova​ – Candidate of Economical Sciences, Associated​ Professor

Achievements of CSU Faculty of Economics

In cultural and creative area:

1. Winners of first-year students creativity festival "First steps" in the nomination "First height";

2. 3rd place in the video contest "New Year Greetings to CSU!";

3. 1st place in the contest "Value orientations of students";

4. Winners of the festival "Spring triumphs in CSU" ;

5. Winners of the festival of creativity "Zarechensk Spring 2013", 2nd place in the category "Pop vocal, duet";

6. The winners of the festival of author's song "On the strings of roads" in the "Guitar Song" nomination;

7. Winners of the contest "Miss Ethnic CSU" in the "Miss intelligence" nomination;

8. Participation in the contest "Miss and Mister Dorm 2013" in the nomination "The original vision of the image and the Olympic spirit", diploma, 2013;

9. Winners of the festival of creativity "Zarechensk Spring 2013", 2nd place in the "Author's song, solo" nomination;

10. Winners of the festival "Spring triumphs in CSU" in the "Choreography" nomination.

 In scientific area:

  1. Winners of international competitions in the field of information technologies for the students of higher and secondary education institutions «IT-Planet 2012/2013" in the nomination "The use of 1C: Accounting 8";
  2. Winners of "The use of 1C: Accounting 8" contest, regional round of the international student competition in the field of information technology« IT-Planet 2012/13";
  3. Prize winners in the nomination "Economic sciences" of All-Russian contest "The best scientific article -2013";
  4. Participants of the II International Scientific Conference "Theoretical and practical aspects of scientific thought development in the modern world" -2013;
  5. Participants of the II round of Open International Students' Internet Contest on the "Economics" discipline in basic university "South-Ural State University-2012";
  6. International programs participants: «Training personal selfmanagement»-2012; «Management Game 2012»; «Study Programme»; проектов: «EFQM Excellence ModelTM and Process Survey ToolTM»; «The Short Term Education Program» «Step to Rassia 2012»;
  7. Winners of the All-Russian Student Competition in "Statistics" in the nomination "For the original solution to the problem";
  8. Winners of the All-Russian graduation papers contest in "Statistics" in the "Scientific novelty" nomination;
  9. Winners of the XI All-Russian Student Scientific Conference "Actual problems of Russia development in students' researches: administrative, legal and socio-economic aspects";
  10. Winners of the Regional Scientific and Practical Conference of Students' "Problems of economic growth in a competitive environment: a view of young researchers 2013 ";
  11. Winners of the All-Russian Student Scientific Conference on the theme: "Actual Issues of Russia development in students' researches: administrative, legal and socio-economic aspects";
  12. Participation in the All-Russian Student Competition in "Statistics" - 2012;
  13. Participants of the All-Russian Student competition on the discipline "Planning for the Enterprise" - 2012;
  14. Winners of the annual student scientific conference "Modern problems of accounting and auditing in the Russian economy-2012" in the nomination "Best Presentation";
  15. Winners of personal scholarships;  
  16. Winners of the Federal Scholarship V. Potanin Program - 2012/13;
  17. Participants of the business game championship "Iron Entrepreneur" 2012/13.

 In social area:

  1. Winners of the ecological campaign "Hand over the paper - Plant a Tree";
  2. Winners of the media shift photocross of the camp "Parus" in the "Genre" nomination;
  3. Winners of the contest "Exemplary room of the dormitory";
  4. Winners of the contest "Exemplary room of the dormitory" in the "Perspective" nomination.

 In sport area:

  1. 1st place in skiing among boys and girls in CSU Games;
  2. 1st place in the Women's ski relay (3x2 km.) in CSU Games;
  3. 1st place in basketball among girls in CSU Games;
  4. 1st place in the basketball competitions in Dorm Games (boys);
  5. 1st place in the Open Chelyabinsk Championship on sport tourism (mountain distance) "SOKOLINKA - 2013";
  6. 1st place in the 81 track and field relay race for the prize of the Chelyabinsk Administration;
  7. 1st place in the Dorm Games on weight-lifting (women);
  8. 1/2 places in the ski relay race among boys (3x9 km) in CSU Games;
  9. 2 place in Dorm Games 2012/2013;
  10.  2nd place at the CSU Volleyball Cup (boys);
  11.  2nd place in the Open Chelyabinsk Championship on sports tourism on water distances "Spring Thaw";
  12.  2 place in the track and field cross in Chelyabinsk HEIs Games;
  13.  2 place in HEIs Games;
  14. 2nd place in mini-football "Freshman Cup-2012";
  15. 2 place in skiing (boys), distance 3 km, in the CSU Games;
  16. 2 place in Dorm Games on arm wrestling (women 52-62 kg.);
  17. 2\3 places in Dorm Games on arm wrestling (women  +62 kg);
  18. 3 place in Dorm Games on arm wrestling (boys 65-73 kg);
  19. 3 place in Dorm Games on table tennis (girls);
  20. 17. 3 place in CSU Cup on volleyball among girls. 

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454001 Chelyabinsk, Russia 
Tel.: (351) 799-70-74, e-mail:dekanat@csu.ru