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Faculty of Mathematics


In 1976 both CSU and Faculty of Mathematics were founded. Faculty staff includes 19 Professors - Doctors of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, 35 Candidates and Assistant Professors. Among them are corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences S. Matveev and V.Ushakov. Within the framework of academic mobility programme the Faculty invites professors from Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics (Ural branch of Russian Academy of Sciences) and Russian Federal Nuclear Center.

Lecturers and faculty staff have strong research links with colleagues from Germany, Italy, the USA, France, Mexico, and Japan.

Most successful students and postgraduates are granted scholarships of the President of the Russian Federation, Chelyabinsk Regional Government, Chelyabinsk Region Governor, Chelyabinsk Region Legislative Assembly, Chelyabinsk-city administration. What is more, students obtain Academic V. Makeev awards, Professor G. Zavyalov scholarships, take active participation in national and international scientific conferences and competitions.  

Faculty provides training for 500 students in the following fields of study:

02.03.01  Mathematics and computer sciences;

02.03.02 – Fundamental information science and information technologies;

01.03.02 – Applied Mathematics and Information science

And in specialization:

10.05.01 - Computer security

Master's Degree qualifications include:

01.04.01 – Mathematics (Geometry and Topology, Partial differential equation)

02.04.02 Fundamental information science and information technologies (computing mathematics)

01.04.02 Applied mathematics and information science (simulation analysis, mathematical and software support of economic activity, numerical methods) 



Elena​ ​Sbrodova, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

The faculty is composed of six departments:

  1. Computing mathematics department
  2. Computational mechanics and information technology department
  3. Computer security and applied algebra department
  4. Computer topology and algebra department
  5. Mathematical analysis department
  6. Management and refinement theory department

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454001 Chelyabinsk, Russia
Tel.: (351) 799-71-18, e-mail: math_faculty@csu.ru