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Laboratory of Quantum Topology

Laboratory of Quantum Topology was established under the direction of Vladimir Turaev in February 2014 at Chelyabinsk State University and supported by the grant of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Head of the laboratory:


Professor Vladimir Turaev

Deputy of a head for research: Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Sergey Matveev

Deputy of a head of the organizational matters: associate professor, Ph.D. Evgeniy Fominykh

Subjects and tasks of the laboratory:

The main scientific subject of the laboratory is conducting research in the field of quantum and low-dimensional topology, as well as in related areas of mathematics and mathematical physics. This includes the study of quantum invariants of 3-manifolds, spines and development of the knot theory, various aspects of mathematical physics equations and geometric patterns on surfaces.

The collective of the laboratory consists of four groups of scientists: Chelyabinsk group, Moscow group, Novosibirsk group and St. Petersburg group.

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Chelyabinsk State University, Br. Kashirinykh str., 129, room 419, 430, 454001, Chelyabinsk, Russia (View the map)

Phone of the laboratory: +7 (351) 799-72-02