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​​​CSU logo

 Every organization, just like any person, should have its own  distinctive style. That is why different organizations create their own  trademarks, logos, symbols and emblems. Their purpose is to  represent distinctive character of an organization in a nutshell.

 Chelyabinsk State University also has its own trademark symbol.  People always get curious about the CSU symbol. It raises a lot of  questions about the university where you are going to study and you  should be able to answer them.

CSU trademark symbol does not have an official name, yet the teachers and students prefer to call it 'The Snail' or 'The Seashell'. It will be your guide through your whole period of education at CSU.

What does this symbol mean? How Chelyabinsk State University is different from all the other educational institutions?

First and foremost, it represents classic nature of the university education, which covers the whole spectrum of the human knowledge. It represents breadth and diversity of scientific research of our university.

It also represents fundamental nature of the university education. In this context, 'The Snail' is the symbol of the philosophical spiral model of the world evolution: from primitive to complex, from a tiny spot to the Universe, from empirical knowledge to theory.

Moreover, it represents one more distinctive feature of CSU – its interim location between Europe and Asia. Situated on the geographical border between two continents, two cultures and two different worldviews, our university's goal is to unite the two. That is why the CSU symbol reminds us of Egyptian papyrus on the one hand, and of medieval parchment or unfolded Russian gramota letters on the other.