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​​​​CSU in Retrospective​



Alexander Dudorov 

Head of the Department of Theoretical Physics ​

​“I started my career at CSU two years after its opening, and this year we celebrate university’s 40th anniversary. I think Chelyabinsk State University had a great start: in 1970s it gathered the cream of Soviet scientific community, the best of the best. They were full of enthusiasm. The majority became Doctors of Sciences then. These people laid the basis for our university’s successful work. When I recall my studentship, I always say it was the happiest time of my life”.


​​Lyudmila Mesenyashina
Professor of the Department of Russian Language and Literature

"I get confused when people ask me to recall the brightest memory of my university life because every day at CSU is bright and unforgettable. University establishment was an unbelievable event. Indeed, Chelyabinsk State University emerged out of nowhere. People were hired from other Russian regions: Saratov, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, etc. That time was the Period of Stagnation in the Soviet Union, the middle of 1970s. The atmosphere was oppressive. And then we suddenly saw this oasis of culture, science and enlightenment. We saw the enthusiasts coming from all over the country, the people who did their best to resist that depressing atmosphere. That's why there was overall ambience of friendship and family in departments, and relations with students were unique. Everyone craved for knowledge. A lot of good traditions evolved in those years, and many of them are preserved at our Faculty up to now".​

lPaYKxnPo.jpgGalina Shevchenko

First Librarian of Foreign Literature Reading Hall

"I was only 21 years old when I came to work here. I remember it was on 18 September - the day was hot and sunny.  I came inside, found the library, spoke to the chief librarian, and she said that I could get down to work. I've been working here since that very day, 18 September 1976. At first there were few people at the library, and we lived as one big family. Students were always around and ready to help. Working was physically exhausting because our team was too small compared to the number of attendees. Besides, we received books from every corner of the Union. These books had to be sorted out and allocated. At the same time, these days were full of events and developments. The university is my home". ​