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​​​​​​​​​​University Administration

​In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and Chelyabinsk State University Charter, the University management is carried out by the Rector, who is elected in a secret vote at the Conference for a five-year term.

Diana Tsiring.jpgCSU Rector is Diana Tsiring, ​Doctor​​ of Psychology, Professor​​. Rector of the University determines its structure, staff list, controls the issues concerning educational, scientific, economical and financial university activities, heads the Academic Council.

Some of the Rector's powers might be delegated to Pro-Recto​rs, who are elected for a limited term, which should not exceed the Rector's one. In Chelyabinsk State University, there are six Pro-Rectors:

​ ​
First Pro-Rector
Candidate of Law
Associate Professor
Andrey Petrov​​​

Pro-Rector for Informatization
Mikhail Politov
Pro-Rector for Educational Work
Candidate of Economics
Evgeny Biriukov
Pro-Rector for Scientific Work
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Vasily Buchelnikov
​​ ​
Pro-Rector for Youth Work
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences
Irina Trushina
Pro-Rector for Economy and Finances
Nataliya Savchuk
Pro-Rector for Administrative ​Affairs and Maintenance
Alexander Shumskikh

The faculty deans are elected by the university Academic Council in a secret vote for the term of five years. Heads of the university departments are also to be elected by the Academic Council. As for directors of the institutes and regional offices, their election is appointed by the Rector's order.

​The overall university management is carried out by the elected representative body, namely the Senate of the Academic Council of the University, consisting of the Rector (the chairman), Pro-Rectors and Deans of the faculties. Other members of the Academic Council are elected by secret vote at the Conference.

In order to settle the most important questions concerning the vital university activities, the University Conference is summoned by the Rector and the Academic Council, comprised of the university academic staff along with other occupational groups and students.