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Undergraduate Programs

(Bachelor's and specialist degrees)


SpecialtyPeriod of studiesQualificationProgramLanguage of instruction
1.  Faculty of Biology                                 
Biology4 yearsBachelorBioecologyRussian
Biology4 yearsBachelorBiophysicsRussian
Biology4 yearsBachelorGeneticsRussian
Biology4 yearsBachelorMicrobiologyRussian
Biology4 yearsBachelorHistology and histological techniqueRussian
2. Faculty of Mathematics 
Applied Mathematics and Informatics4 yearsBachelorApplied Mathematics and InformaticsRussian
Mathematics and Computer Science4 yearsBachelorMathematical Analysis and ApplicationsRussian
Mathematics and Computer Science4 yearsBachelorComputer geometry and algorithmic topologyRussian
Fundamental Informatics and Information Technology4 yearsBachelorFundamental Informatics and Information TechnologyRussian
Computer Security5,5 yearsInformation protection specialistAnalysis of computer systems securityRussian
3. Faculty of Eurasia and East 
Foreign Studies4 yearsBachelorEurasian Studies: Russia and neighboring regionsRussian
International Relations4 yearsBachelorInternational relations and foreign policy of the countries of the EastRussian
Philosophy4 yearsBachelorEastern philosophy and intercultural exchange with the oriental countriesRussian
Philosophy4 yearsBachelorSocial philosophy: value bases of social interactionsRussian
4. Faculty of Linguistics and Translation 
Linguistics4 yearsBachelorTheory and practice of intercultural communicationRussian
Linguistics4 yearsBachelorTranslation and Translation StudiesRussian
Translation and Translation Studies5 yearsLinguist, translatorLinguistic support of interstate relationsRussian
5. Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy 
Psychology4 yearsBachelorPsychologyRussian
Clinical Psychology5,5 yearsClinical psychologistClinical and psychological assistance to the child and familyRussian
Psychology of official activities5 yearsPsychologistPsychological support of official activities under extreme conditionsRussian
Psychological and pedagogical education4 yearsBachelorPsychological and pedagogical support of pre-school, general, supplementary and professional educationRussian
Special (defectological) Education4 yearsBachelorSupport and aftercare of people with a physical conditionRussian
6. Faculty of Management 
Management4 yearsBachelorOrganization management (tourism, hotel industry)Russian
Management4 yearsBachelorProduction managementRussian
Management4 yearsBachelorSmall business managementRussian
Management4 yearsBachelorManagement in digital economyRussian
Human Resources Management4 yearsBachelorHuman resources management within an organizationRussian
State and Municipal Management4 yearsBachelorMunicipal managementRussian
State and Municipal Management4 yearsBachelorState and municipal property managementRussian
State and Municipal Management4 yearsBachelorHousing services and utilities managementRussian
7. Faculty of Ecology 
Ecology and Nature Management4 yearsBachelorEcology and Nature ManagementRussian
Forestry4 yearsBachelorForestryRussian
Water Bioresources and Aquaculture4 yearsBachelorWater Bioresources and AquacultureRussian
8. Faculty of Physics 
Physics4 yearsBachelorMedical physicsRussian
Physics4 yearsBachelorFundamental physicsRussian
Physics4 yearsBachelorCondensed matter physicsRussian
Radiophysics4 yearsBachelorRadiophysicsRussian
Information security of automated systems5 yearsInformation protection specialistInformation security of automated systems of critically important objectsRussian
Materials science and technologies4 yearsBachelorMaterials science and technologiesRussian
Nanoengineering4 yearsBachelorNanoengineeringRussian
9. Faculty of Chemistry 
Chemistry4 yearsBachelorMaterials chemistryRussian
Fundamental and Applied Chemistry5 yearsChemist, Chemistry teacherMaterials chemistryRussian
10. Faculty of Economics 
Economics4 yearsBachelorAccounting, analysis and auditRussian
Economics4 yearsBachelorFinance and creditRussian
Economic Security5 yearsEconomistEconomic and legal support of economic securityRussian
Economic Security5 yearsEconomistFiscal accounting and control in law enforcement Russian
Management4 yearsBachelorLogistics and supply chain managementRussian
Management4 yearsBachelorMarketingRussian
Sociology4 yearsBachelorMarketing sociologyRussian
Sociology4 yearsBachelorSocial managementRussian
Social Work4 yearsBachelorSocial work in companies and firms of different activitiesRussian
Social Work4 yearsBachelorSocial work in the health systemRussian
Social Work4 yearsBachelorPension systemRussian
Social Work4 yearsBachelorLegal support of social workRussian
Social Work4 yearsBachelorSocial work in the social protection systemRussian
11. Faculty of History and Philology 
Political Science4 yearsBachelorPolitical scienceRussian
International Relations4 yearsBachelorInternational relationsRussian
Advertising and PR4 yearsBachelorAdvertising and public relations in politicsRussian
Teacher Education5 yearsBachelorForeign language (English and German languages)Russian
Teacher Education5 yearsBachelorRussian language and literatureRussian
Philology4 yearsBachelorNational philology (Russian language and literature)Russian
Philology4 yearsBachelorForeign philologyRussian
History4 yearsBachelorHistorical political scienceRussian
Religious Studies4 yearsBachelorReligious studiesRussian
12. Faculty of Journalism 
Advertising and PR4 yearsBachelorAdvertising and public relations in the system of state and municipal managementRussian
Journalism4 yearsBachelorJournalismRussian
Media communications4 yearsBachelorMedia production in creative industryRussian
13. Institute of Information Technologies 
Computer Science and Engineering4 yearsBachelorComputer science and engineeringRussian
Applied Informatics4 yearsBachelorApplied informatics in economicsRussian
Software engineering4 yearsBachelorSoftware engineeringRussian
Business Informatics4 yearsBachelorBusiness informaticsRussian
14. Institute of Law 
Jurisprudence4 yearsBachelorCivil lawRussian
Jurisprudence4 yearsBachelorCriminal lawRussian
Jurisprudence4 yearsBachelorNational lawRussian
Legal protection of national security5 yearsLawyerCriminal lawRussian
Legal protection of national security5 yearsLawyerNational lawRussian
Legal protection of national security5 yearsLawyerCivil lawRussian
Law enforcement5 yearsLawyerAdministrative operationsRussian
Judicial and procuratorial work5 yearsLawyerJudicial workRussian
Judicial and procuratorial work5 yearsLawyerProcuratorial workRussian
15. Institute of Economics of Industry, Business and Administration 
Quality Management4 yearsBachelorQuality management in social and economic systemsRussian
Quality Management4 yearsBachelorQuality management in production and process systemsRussian
Economics4 yearsBachelorEconomics of enterprises and organizationsRussian
Economics4 yearsBachelorFinance and creditRussian
Economics4 yearsBachelorAccounting, analysis and auditRussian
Management4 yearsBachelorSmall business managementRussian
Management4 yearsBachelorLogisticsRussian
Management4 yearsBachelorState and municipal managementRussian
Customs5 yearsSpecialistCustomsRussian
16. Faculty of Fundamental Medicine
Medical biochemistry6 yearsBiochemistMedical biochemistryRussian