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​​​​​​Russian Language Preparatory Course for International Students​ 

(May 2021 / September 2021 - August 2022)

In order to apply for main educational programs (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD) in Russian ​ language, international students must have a certificate of Russian  language proficiency, which is issued upon successful completion of the Russian Language Preparatory Course.

International students can choose a study plan depending on what profession they want to acquire during their degree studies:

  • Natural Science (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry);
  • Engeneering (Mathematics, Physics, Information Techologies); 
  • Liberal Arts (Literature, History, Social Studies);
  • Economics (Social Studies, History, Mathematics);
  • Medicine (Chemistry, Biology, Physics).

Extracurricular activities include the following:

  • Sports events (football, basketball, ice skating, etc);
  • Russian holidays celebrations;
  • Speaking clubs;
  • City tour;
  • Cultural events (museum tours, theatre, etc).

Mandatory expenses for international students include:

  • Tuition fee – 95 000 RUB (~1280 USD);
  • Dormitory fee per month – 2500 RUB (~35 USD);
  • Medical insurance – 6300 RUB (~85 USD);
  • State fee for a study visa (1 year) – 1600 RUB (~20 USD).​​​​

Attendance: full-time.

Course duration: 10 months (2376 academic hours) 

Enrollment is open until September of the current year. Classes will begin in September.​ ​

​If you're interested in the course or want to get more details, please contact us via e-mail: forstudent@csu.ru​

​​Russian as a foreign  language (modules A1-B1)

Allows students to receive a Russian  ​​language certificate (from A1 to B1) ​

Attendance: full-time.

Course duration:  1008 academic hours

Course fee:  67 000 Russian rubles

Modern Russian for Foreign Students​ 

Attendance: full-time.

Course duration:  72 academic hours

Course fee:  6 000 Russian rubles​