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​​​(September 2022 – July 2023)

​In order to apply for main educational programs (bachelor's, master's, specialist degree or a PhD) in Russian or English  language, international students must have a certificate of  language proficiency, which is issued upon the successful completion of the Russian Language Preparatory Course.

To get admission for the Russian Language Preparatory Course, student must contact us via forstudent@csu.ru and provide us with passport and school certificate / university diploma, or send application through an online form. After the issuance of the letter of conditional admission, student is required to pay the full amount of tuition fee (115 000 RUB) and dormitory fee for 6 months (21000 RUB) in advance. After the confirmation of payment, the Department of International Cooperation will start the procedure for arranging an electronic invitation to enter the Russian Federation.

Mandatory expenses for international students include:

  • Tuition fee – 115 000 RUB;
  • Dormitory fee per month – 3500 RUB;
  • Medical insurance – 6150 RUB;
  • State fee for a study visa (1 year) – 1600 RUB;
  • Legalization of educational documents – 6500 RUB;
  • Medical examination for the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation – approx. 6500 RUB

Please note, that expenses may slightly change for 2022-2023 academic year, including tuition fee and dormitory fee.

​International students can choose a study plan depending on what profession they want to acquire during their degree studies:

  • Natural Science (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry);
  • Engeneering (Mathematics, Physics, Information Techologies); 
  • Liberal Arts (Literature, History, Social Studies);
  • Economics (Social Studies, History, Mathematics);
  • Medicine (Chemistry, Biology, Physics).

Extracurricular activities include the following:

  • Sports events (football, basketball, ice skating, etc);
  • Russian holidays celebrations;
  • Speaking clubs;
  • City tour;
  • Cultural events (museum tours, theatre, etc).   

If you're interested in the course or want to get more details, please contact us via e-mail: forstudent@csu.ru