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​​​​​ Admission guide 2021 - 2022 



Before you apply

1. Read General information (link) about CSU programs.

2. If your first  language is not Russian, please, check if you will need to get the Russian Language proficiency certificate or attend Russian  language courses.

3. Browse all CSU faculties and institutes to see if CSU offers a major of studying you're interested in.

4. Read through all steps of application and enrollment to know what docu​ments you need to provide.

5. Check the dead lines and plan your time to submit your application well in advance – two or three weeks earlier, if you can.

Making your application

6. Decide whether you want to give a faculty or institute preference.

7. Send all required documents to the CSU International Cooperation Department via e-mail.

After you apply 

8. Get the Russian visa invitation.

9. Apply and get the Russian visa. You can apply and get the Russian visa in the Consulate of Russia in the country of residence (temporary or permanent).

10. Provide International Cooperation Department with the following information via e-mail:

  • Visa status
  • arrival time, date, flight number

11. Submit the tuition fee (link).