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​​​​! Please note that main educational programs at our university are in Russian language​​​

​If you don't speak Russian you n​​​​​eed to​:

1. Read more about our Russian Language Preparatory Course              

2. Apply online with our Foreign Student Application Form (button “Apply to the Russian Language Preparatory Course​”).​

3. Get your Letter of conditional admission

4. Receive your visa invitation

5. Come to Chelyabinsk and study at CSU​


​If you speak Russian  language:

1. Choose your faculty and specialty​

2. Prepare all necessary documents* and send it to forstudents@csu.ru by June 20, 2021

3. Pass the Russian  language test online**​

4. Get your Letter of conditional admission

5. Receive your visa invitation

6. Come to Chelyabinsk and study at CSU​

*   Passport+notarized translation; School certificate + Transcript and  letter of recognition; University diploma + Transcript (for master degree) 
** You will receive a  link for the Russian  language test by email, after your documents have been approved​​