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​In order to stay in the Russian Federation   legally a foreign citizen who needs a visa should:

  1. fill in the migration card when crossing the border;
  2. be registered within 7 days;
  3. buy a voluntary health insurance certificate;
  4. extend the visa and migration documents.

Migration card

The migration card must be completed by each foreigner entering the Russian Federation. Free forms of migration cards are usually distributed to passengers on in­coming flights / in trains or while passing through passport control at the airport.

The migration card confirms your legal entry into the Russian Federation.

How to complete a migration card?

The migration card should be legibly handwritten in Russian without blots or corrections. The purpose of entry is "УЧЕБА" (studies).

Having completed the card you must hand over to a migration control officer. The detachable section (your migration card) is given back to you. Please note that the migration card must be carefully kept throughout the duration of your stay in the Russian Federation.

Period of validity

The migration card is valid during your stay in Russia. Departing from the Russian Federation, you   leave your migration card at border control. A new migration card must be filled out each time a foreign citizen enters Russia.

Migration registration

Foreign citizens coming to study in the Russian Federation must be registered within 7 days upon their arrival.

In order to be registered, a foreigner must come to CSU International Office (off. 348, the main building) within 3 days from arrival in the Russian Federation. You should have a passport and your migration card with you.

When you are registered, you will receive a detachable section of the notification of arrival stamped by the Directorate for Migration Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. It is the document confirming your registration allowing you to stay in the territory of the Russian Federation during the indicated period.

If a foreigner has a single entry visa, he is registered for the duration of the visa.

Extension of the visa

In order to extend the visa, a foreigner must come to CSU International Office (off. 348, the main building) 40 days before the expiry date of the current visa.

Documents required for visa extension:

  1. passport with current visa;
  2. migration card;
  3. one photo sized 3*4 cm;
  4. the detachable section of the notification of arrival;
  5. receipt for payment of the state duty (1600 RUB);
  6. voluntary medical insurance certificate.

Note! Each time you receive a new visa you should be registered again.

Liability for violating migration legislation

Violation of migration legislation is punishable by a fine of 3,000 to 5,000 rubles. 

In some instances,   lack of required documents, illegal   labor activity and other violations may cause deportation from the territory of the Russian Federation. 

Foreign citizens who have committed two or more administrative violations during the three years will not be allowed to enter Russia for a period of five years.