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1 student in 2014/2015​

Cheng Kailun.jpgCheng Kailun, China (Russian Language Center)

I really like Russian theater, however, I do not understand everything, but it looks very interesting. Also, you have a very clean air, because there is a lot of forest here. My town is very densely populated​and there are many cars, so the air is not so clean.

3 students in 2013/2014

cuJEOd6GdU8.jpgGuangxu Wu, China (Faculty of Physics)

It's very comfortable for me to study at CSU. The professors are serious and kind. They help me greatly. Though classrooms are not big, they are very convenient. At Russian language classes we discuss different subjects, do interesting exercises and study literature works from all over the world. I'm very happy that I can study at CSU! 

q4AtWx-DZ0Y.jpgWeican Zhao, China (Faculty of Physics)

My Russian name is Lev. Lev means "a lion", "courageous". In CSU I study chemistry and Russian language. In China I also like studying chemistry and Russian language among other disciplines. Here education is on a high level. For example, students can take many books at the University library, and in China we don't have enough textbooks for all student to get ready for exams, it's bad. We need to read books for interest, it's very important.​

Zhang Jian Zhen, China (Institute of Humanitarian Education)

I'm a Chinese girl, my name is Zhang Jian Zhen. In Chelyabinsk I study Russian language and art. Here I have possibility not only to perfect my Russian language, but I'm also a friend with many Russians! They are very kind and beautiful. Here professors help me not only with my studies, but also in life. I'm very proud that I can study Russian language and art here. Chelyabinsk State University is an excellent higher education institution. Many well-known and outstanding scientists work here. I love Chelyabinsk very much.​