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CSU Summer School 2010

Summer School.bmp​5th to 14th June. “International Summer Management School - 2010” was held at a CSU student camp “Parus”.  It’s the first South Ural innovative educational programme based on the new European teaching methods. It was held in the framework of already established and productive collaboration of CSU and Arnhem Business School of HAN University (Netherlands) (Video)

During 9 days students of three departments – future linguists, economists and managers – were trained in the art of human resources management under the aegis of Arnhem Business School Prof. Joop Vinke on the territory of CSU student camp “Parus”.

The special appeal of the School was training in the form of business games. 80 participants of the Summer School were assigned to groups each of them represented an appointed enterprise correspondingly having its budget, staff and other given conditions. The student enterprise developed during all the time of education in Summer School, for all the world as if in real life, only much faster. Making such and such decisions, the students strived for making it efficiently functioning and economically successful. Thus, according to Joop Vinke, the students learn to treat each team member in a new way, to see how a decision of one concrete person influences the success of the whole group, yet of the enterprise in the large.

This School is unique among other reasons because the whole learning process were going on exclusively in the English language, which makes the students who studied this course the specialists of the new level possessing rather diverse communicative and professional skills.

The students are unanimous in their attitude towards the past Summer School: ““International Summer Management School - 2010” was one of the most impressive adventures of this summer”, - they say.

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