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"Entrepreneurial Behavior and Competence"


CSU International Summer Schools traditionally gather a large number of energetic students who want not only to improve their English language level, but also to spend ten days of fun improving their health in student summer camp "Parus".
Entrepreneurship provides dynamism and innovation of state economic system. During study at European universities, students developed entrepreneurial skills, business skills and entrepreneurial behavior. Thus, the main emphasis is put on practical training. As a part of the workshop a business game is held, in frames of which CSU students together with students from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and China are able to organize their own enterprise and to master such skills as business management and teamwork.


The School was led by 2 business-trainers- Joop Vinke, Professor of Arnhem Business School (the Netherlands), who guided CSU Summer Schools for the fourth time, and Loredana Orhei (Romania), President of Leaders TM Company. “Together with Loredana we developed a new program which is, however, related to the previous ones in basics, e.g. HRQM, and is based on experience we had over the last five years. Now the program includes elements of training and education of entrepreneurial behavior - the most high-demanded areas in Western and Eastern Europe. We put emphasize on students’ attitude to what they are learning, not on knowledge itself,” - said Prof. Vinke.


The centerpiece of Summer School was taken by the Business simulation game, during which 23 teams, consisting of 3-4 students each have been running up big company’s HR department and were responsible for making decisions on budget planning and distribution, hiring and dismissal of people in crises and risk situations. The main aim of the game is to apply participants’ knowledge, skills and which is of most importance attitude to a business environment.  


During nine days 10 international and 75 CSU students have lived a 2-year life of a company and enjoyed various trainings and team-work activities allowing them not only to develop their intercultural competences and English language skills, but also providing an opportunity to compile personal and professional profiles.0DDQDsUDARaHUszXUFNCtprCO4K-MKXBBt8I8YMGw55RbtBLFot31gEYfY0v1HRCq_J6bpmRyOJonT3VoXnDag==.jpg 

“Toward the end of the Summer School we see transformation in the behavior of students. The most significant is that students can trace changes in their reflections throughout the program themselves,” - commented Loredana Orhei.


It is also worth noting that some CSU graduate students who took part in Summer Schools 2011-2012 have already shown entrepreneurial behavior and successfully set up their own businesses.

General information about International Summer School 2015


Russian Federation

Summer school title​

Entrepreneurial behavior and competence
Leaders of the schoolJoop Vinke (Netherlands) - Professor of Arnhem Business School
Loredana Orhei (Romania) - Trainer, Coach, Consultant

Summer school location


Chelyabinsk State University,
Student summer camp "Parus"

Duration from…to


From 15.07.2015 to 24.07.2015

Target group


Students studying at Bachelor, Master and Postgraduate Degree programs with specialty in Economics, Business Administration, Management, International Relations, Psychology and Linguistics.
Language of instruction ​English

Participation fee

free of charge
Total number of participants 70
Application forms that should be submitted by the international students

The application for participants of the International Summer School 2015 (by e-mail), copy of passport

CertificatesCertificates of participation

Relevant selection criteria


  • The level of English language (which is not below Pre-intermediate)