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Chelyabinsk is important for trade relations both within Russia and between Asia and Europe. Chelyabinsk is a multinational city: among Russians, more than one fifth of its population are the communities of Tatars, Bashkirs, Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Belarusians, Tajiks, Greeks, Armenians and Azerbaijani. In the 18-19th centuries, under the rule of Catherine II, a German community emerged in the region and has been living here up to now, making more than 1% of the local population.


​The Summer School 2018 "Make A Deal with Russians: Business, Culture, Politics" in Chelyabinsk will give all participants the chance to learn more about the life, culture and economy of Russia. The strategically unique location of the city will let the participants see advanced integration between Russia and the CIS countries, especially the ones of Central Asia. Students ​​will use the two weeks of the Summer School to get in touch, interact with each other and exchange their knowledge and experience​​ in various areas.


Integration and internationalization are crucial processes for Chelyabinsk State University. This project is aimed to help students enrich and form their knowledge about economic communication, trade and economic cooperation with Russian enterprises, together with the opportunity to make their acquaintance with the Russian and Ural culture. As it is fundamental to know the Russian mentality and lifestyle as well, political and social studies are also included into the Summer School program.


The Summer School program includes lectures, workshops, discussion boards, seminars, together with a closing conference.

  • A lecture "Economic Science in Russia: Heritage and the Present" is an overview of development of Russian economics, economists and their theories.
  • A business training class "Making HR Decisions at Enterprises" will let students have some practice in applying their new skills.
  • A workshop "Cultural peculiarities of Russians that influence business relations with foreigners" and the discussion board "Be I the President / the Chancellor..." will let both Russian and German students learn more about the respective cultures through interaction.
  • At a lecture "Features of Corporate Culture and Governance in Russia", participants will learn more about Russian cultural peculiarities and how they reflect the methods of corporate governance.

​The program also includes a seminar "Differences in Business Success Practice in Russia and Italy", and the lecture "Sustainable Development in the South Urals".


Students will visit key joint Russian-European industrial enterprises: Konar Industrial Group factories and the Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant. They will also have a chance to see the unique nature of the Chelyabinsk Region, including the Turgoyak Lake and the Zyuratkul National Park, the truly picturesque pieces of landscape and wildlife.


Participants will also attend Russian language courses (16 hours) with an examination at the end of the School.


The Summer School will conclude with a conference "How to make a good deal with Russian partners", and then the closing ceremony, where all students will acquire their Summer School certificates.​

What Do The Participants Of The Summer School 2017 Think Of It?

Kamilia Ospanova, a student of CSU Institute of branch economics, business and administration:

"The Summer School 2017 in Chelyabinsk has become such a landmark event for international students, volunteers and teachers that, after a while, we still keep in touch and remain on friendly terms with our foreign students, recalling the fascinating moments lived here. The program of the school became interesting both to the students from abroad, and to us, the students of ChelSU! Together we discovered a lot of new things, at lectures, enterprises, nature, in museums and national parks. Throughout the time, in the team of people from different cities and countries, there was a friendliness and a desire to learn something new! The summer school in ChelSU is an excellent opportunity to combine the study of a large amount of useful information on the economic component of Chelyabinsk and Russia in general, with knowledge of the culture and nature of the South Ural!​"

Steffen Eichhorn​:

"The last summer I participated in the Summer School in Chelyabinsk which an incredible experience for me. It was the first time for me in Russia and it was so exciting and interesting. The organizers and students in Russia were all the time ready to help and spent a lot of time with us. The summer school itself was really interesting and I could learn a lot of new things there. All in all I would really recommend this Summer School for students who want to know more about Russia and its culture.​"

Summer School details

​The School datesSeptember, 10th to​ 24th, 2018.
​Language of instruction​English
​Deadline for applications​​June, 15th, 2018
​Participation fee​550 ​/person (course fee, housing and transfer from/to the airport included)
​Requirements​Pre-Intermediate or higher proficiency level of the English language
Interest in the Russian culture
Interest in the modern economy​​

*As the School is held in English, knowledge of the Russian language is not required
Required documentsDAAD Summer School 2018 Application Form.pdf
​Passport copy
Motivation letter

​Certificates awardedCertificate of completion with 4 ECTS points
​Contact details​​CSU Institute of International Education
Ksenia Yakovets

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

 We are looking to seeing and welcoming you in the city of Chelyabinsk and

Chelyabinsk State University!

The Summer School is organized by the CSU Institute of Economics of Industries, Business and Administration & the CSU Institute of International Education in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD