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CSU Summer School 2011

 Summer School Timeline

4.07.11 The students from Arnhem Business school arrived to Chelyabinsk. They took the sightseeing tour around the city and around the university itself. Now looking forward to going to the Summer Camp!

6.07.11 All the students are going to th SOL "Parus", the camp, where they would spend 10 days studying and communicating.

7.07.11 "Creativity" Day. Creativity is essential for business. Today the students are going to find why. They are going to learn how to take unusual decisions, to see the things in a new light and to be far ahead their competitors.

8.07.11  "HBDI profile and how to use it" . Today the students are studying different personality types, ways of thinking and perceiving the world.

9.07.11 "Acceptance vs. Blocking".  How to adapt if the situation is getting steamy? How to behave if the circumstances are forcing you to go ballistic? The students are foing to find this out today.

10.07.11 "The importance of observation" May there be a better topic of the day for the excursion around the Urals, where the students would see Miass, Zlatoust and the picturesque nature of the region?

11.07.11 "Teamwork: making the others succeed". Today would show the students the effective ways of working together and collaboration

12.07.11 "Sports, recreation and entertainment" Today the participants of the Summer School are going to have a very active and competitive day.

13.07.11 "The future: planning the unpredictable". Today the students are going to learn to see through time. Or, at the very least, to calculate the risks they might encounter in future.

14.07.11 "Using the learned" and the evaluation of the Summer school. Is it a good exeperience which has got to be repeated in future?

15.07.11 The students are leaving the hospitable camp and coming back to Chelyabinsk.

16.07.11 Today is the last day the Dutch students are going to spend in Chelyabinsk. They promise to come back soon!