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International Management Winter School 2011

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24th - 28th of January, 2011 International Winter School of Management - 2011 was held at CSU.


The School was another step in the development of cooperation between CSU and the Arnhem Business School. The work of the School was coordinated by Joop Vinke, senior lecturer of the ABS. As usual all the work was centered around the original methods of self-development, personal management and staff organization developed by Mr. Vinke. One major difference the School had compared the the recent Management Game was that it was aimed at working out the concept of the future Summer School, where the students from both universities would participate​. That is why there was a limited number of students among the participants. The major part of them were the lecturers, researchers and employees of the CSU who will act as leaders in July.


“If you want to know my opinion about Joop‘s training program, says Liudmila Shuravina, the interpreter of the International Cooperation Department and the post-graduate student of the faculty of Linguistics and Translation, I‘d say it was hilarious! The whole week was enriched with both learning and having fun. Joop’s ability to synthesize those two aspects made him one of the most interesting lecturers I‘ve ever seen during my school life. The topic of Personal Management is rather interesting itself, and with this innovative approach, it became even more attractive. Experience, professionalism, psychological competence, ability to bring the information to the audience – this is by far not the fullest list of merits of Prof. Joop Vinke.”


Reflections of Joop Vinke on Winter school​ in Chelyabinsk

 It was a great experience to work with the teachers of CSU. I experienced in the beginning a very open attitude towards the total new methods I use in teaching. 
Although in the beginning there was the normal shyness and reserved attitude towards attending the games I saw that many of the teachers were opening their borders of the individual “comfort zone” and went into the new mindset.
It was a great experience for me to see the change that many of the participants made. Not only did they gain knowledge by playing a management game that was very hard for most of them.. They also showed to be flexible in getting more skills and competencies in interactive teaching methods.
During the training week I saw the change of many teachers and in their evaluations and feedback I saw the development towards a different and interactive teaching.
Many will make use of this during the coming time and they also got the experience how it is to be participant in an international summer school that will be organized in July 2011.
They understand that the day study program can be used for fun and the leisure program can be used to study. An interesting experience for a teacher!!
I am impressed by the flexibility of the participants in the winter school and am looking forward to work together with them in the CSU International summer school in July 2011 in Chelyabinsk.​

Joop Vinke