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​Doctoral programmes are a form of scientific training.​

Doctoral student - an employee who prepares a dissertation (requirements for employees sent to doctoral studies) ​
List of dissertation councils for the degree of Candidate of Sciences, the degree of Doctor of Sciences, acting at FSBEI HE "CSU"

D 212.296.03 Council for the Defense of Doctoral and Candidate's Dissertations at Chelyabinsk State University in the scient​ific specialties: 01.04.02 Theoretical Physics ( physico-mathematical sciences), 01.04.07 Condensed State Physics ( physico-mathematical sciences)​

D 999.233.02 United Council for dissertations for the degree of Candidate of Sciences, for the degree of Doctor of Sciences on the basis of FSBEI HE​ "Chelyabinsk State University", FSAEI HE "South Ural State University" (National Research University) in the scientific field: 10.02.19 Theory of Language (philological sciences)                          

List of documents for participation in the competitive selection for doctoral studies:​ 

1) ​application​ of the applicant;        

2) an excerpt from the minutes of the meeting of the academic council of the sending organization, signed by the head and sealed;                        
3)  letter of application from the sending organization, signed by the head and sealed;

4) duly certified copies of documents confirming the academic degree of candidate of sciences or academic degree obtained in a foreign state, recognized in the Russian Federation, whose holder has the same academic and (or) professional rights as a candidate of sciences in the Russian Federation;

5) a duly certified copy of the certificate of academic degree (if any);

6) a certificate of experience in teaching and (or) scientific work, signed by the head and sealed;

7) certificate of the total  length of service in the sending organization, signed by the head and sealed;

8)  list of scientific works and achievements, signed and stamped by the head of the sending organization;

9) plan for the preparation of the doctoral dissertation;

10) two photos.

​Acceptance of documents for the preparation of a doctoral dissertation is completed one day before the beginning of the competitive selection. The person who submitted the documents is given a receipt on acceptance of the documents.​

Contractual arrangements.

       Preparation of the thesis is carried out on the basis of the contract between the sending organization, CSU and doctoral student.

        If the dissertation is prepared in the sending organization, the contract is concluded between the sending organization and the doctoral student.

        The contract is signed within ten days after the issuance of the order on enrollment in the doctoral program.

        The contractual agreement with the doctoral student is terminated in the following cases:

       1) in connection with the fulfillment of the terms of the contract or the expiration of the contract for the preparation of a thesis in doctoral studies;

       2) failure to fulfill the financial obligations of the sending organization under the contract;

       3) non-fulfillment of the doctoral student's individual plan;

      4) at the personal request of the doctoral student on the early termination of dissertation preparation in doctoral studies with an indication of the reasons for refusal;

      5) at the initiative of the sending organization.

The doctoral dissertation contract terminates upon the issuance of the Rector's order to expel the doctoral student with an indication of the grounds for expulsion.​