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​Arkaim: research, expeditions

Currently, the phenomenon of "Arkaim" is part of the research of a wide range of sciences: archaeology and history,  linguistics and ethnology, paleogeography and paleobiology, geoarchaeology, culturology, religious studies and philosophy (see publications). Studies of Arkaim not once became the ground for various scientific meetings of regional, Russian and international scale, where the whole range of problems of this phenomenon was discussed (conferences).​

The mysteries of the history of Arkaim excite young minds and excite the intellect of mature men of science. It is possible to contribute to the study of Arkaim by obtaining a major in history and philology, ecology, biology,  linguistics, etc. You can carry out the study of the materials of Arkaim in the URC of studying the problems of nature and man.  The creative group of archeologists of CSU, directly engaged in storage and publication of materials of Arkaim, will help you to join in the process of knowledge. Expeditions of 2005 - 2015. * associated with the study of the cultures of the Arkaim-Sintashta type were systematic in nature with the use of remote research methods and excavations. The fortified settlement of Arkaim is preserved in the protected regime and is studied only by remote methods.​

Soil-archaeological international expedition within the framework of the international grant (Russia - Japan) 2011-2012. (see publications 2014). ​

Expeditions on the problem of developing the space of the Arkaim valley in the Bronze Age: Kamenny Brod (2003 -2006), Kalmyk Molelnya (2012 - 2015) (see publications of 2012). 

International expedition (Russia - USA - Great Britain) to study the cultural-historical complex of the Arkaim-Sintashta era "Stepnoe" (2007-2009).  On the Russian side the work was provided by specialists of Chel State University (see publications of 2015). 

Expeditions on the theme "In search of the "Teachers", to the problem of the Arkaim origin: discovery and study of the Kizilsky I burial ground (2009 - 2011), Svetlogorskoye settlement (2012 - 2015) (see publications, 2013). 

Expedition on the museumification of the Arkaim fortified settlement in 2014. (see publications of 2015).​ 

Expedition "Sacral Places of the Trans-Ural Peneplain": Big Sintashta mound (2005 - 2007); Cheka - Big spring, etc. (2015г).​ 

​Expedition "Ancient springs - sources of the rivers of the Trans-Ural Peninsula". In 2012-2015, the upper reaches of the Utyaganka, Sunduk, and Sintashta rivers, which are formed by a single system of ancient springs, were surveyed. The obtained materials are important for the development of a promising innovative research project in 2016 -2017.​  

"Ancient communications of the Trans-Ural Peninsula: roads, water and language of things". The project aims to find and substantiate the factor of communicative  links in the process of formation, development and extrapolation to Eurasia of the Arkaim - Sintashta type culture and its successors. In the Bronze Age, the Southern Urals were part of the Great Silk Road formation zone (E.E. Kuzmina). In the XVII-XVI centuries BC Chinese silk (silkworm / mulberry) caterpillars become known in Mycenaean Greece.​​​​