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​​​​The Arkaim is a cultural complex of the Bronze Age from the turn of the III-II to the beginning of the II millennium B.C. It was discovered and researched by the archeological expedition of Chelyabinsk State University. Arkaim is a fundamentally new type of archaeological source of great scinetific potential, opening up a wide range of research in the field of human sciences.​​​​

It is now known as an outstanding cultural monument of the Arkaim-Sintashta type and the most ancient urbanized area in the South Urals ("Country of Cities"). Settlement and burial complexes of the Arkaim period give illustrative materials on the development of copper metallurgy and economic development of the steppes, architectural history, military science and charioteering. The Arkaim materials belong to the unique sources on the spiritual culture dating back to the era of all-Indo-European unity.

The discovery of Arkaim and Sintashta defined the formation of a special scientific direction in archeology and ancient history of Eurasia and help to  launched the development of a series of major international projects. 

The researches on Arkaim initiated the creation of historical and cultural reserve and museum system. Arkaim and its surroundings is also a special cultural and natural territory, which attracts thousands of people of different ideological and social orientations every year.