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​​Laboratory of Quantum Topology​​

Laboratory of quantum topology, directed by V.G.Turaev, was established at Chelyabinsk State University in February 2014 with the financial support of the grant from the Government of Russian Federation № 14.Z50.31.0020.

The Head of the Laboratory: Professor Vladimir Georgievich Turaev.

Deputy Head for Academic Affairs: Professor Sergey Vladimirovich Matveev, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Deputy Head on Organizational Matters: Evgeniy Anatolievich Fominykh, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

The aims and goals of the laboratory: The main scientific goal of the laboratory is conducting research in the field of quantum and low-dimensional topology and related areas of Mathematics and Mathematical Physics. It includes the study of quantum invariants of 3-manifolds, development of spines theory and knot theory, different aspects of Mathematical Physics and geometrical patterns on the surface.

The laboratory staff team consists of 4 groups of scientists from Chelyabinsk, Moscow, Novosibirsk and St. Petersburg.


129 Bratiev Kashirinykh str. Off.417a, 424, 430, 433 

Chelyabinsk 454001


Laboratory Tel. : +7 (351) 799-72-02, +7 (351) 799-71-99