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​​​​​​Chelyabinsk meteorite

The scientists of Chelyabinsk State University examine Chelyabinsk meteorite. Professor Alexander Dudorov, the Head of the Department of Theoretical Physics, and Associate Professor Sergey Zamozdra collected about 3 kg of invaluable material, a part of which residents of the Chelyabinsk region had given. The exact composition of the cosmic body and appearance has already been determined. Scientists have found that the Chelyabinsk meteorite belongs to the ordinary chondrites that represent 80% of the meteorite flow to the Earth. X-ray structure and chemical analysis of the meteorite was made. According to the chemical composition it belongs to LL chondrite group containing about 1.5% of metals.

On 15 February at 9:22 am meteorite flew from the north-east to the south-west over the Chelyabinsk region. This phenomenon was accompanied with a bright flash of light and noise caused by the supersonic speed of the fire-ball. The meteorite fall caused considerable damages all over Chelyabinsk, Yemanzhelinsk, Yetkul, Kopeysk, Korkino, Chebarkul, Yuzhnouralsk and other towns: the acoustic wave smashed glasses in many houses and buildings.


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