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​​​Foreign citizens are accepted to the postgraduate and doctoral studies on the basis of international agreements and intergovernmental agreements of the Russian Federation, as well as the contracts of Chelyabinsk State University, which consider tuition by either legal bodies or individuals.

To enter a postgraduate program an applicant has to have a higher education degree (Specialist or Master's Degree). The program duration is 3 to 4 years.

Foreign citizens without the Russian  language competence are enrolled in the one-year Russian Language Preparatory Course

List of Documents Needed for Post-Graduate Programme Admission:

  • an application for admission addressed to the Rector;
  • a filled application form  legalized as required by the Law with a photo attached;
  • two photograph 3x4 cm;
  • a copy of higher education certificate with a copy of a transcript, both ​ legalized as required by the Law;
  • a copy of evidence of the equivalence of a higher education certificate with a copy of a transcript to the academic documents of the Russian Federation, both  legalized as required by the Law
  • agreement to the processing of personal data
  • agreement​ to share personal data
  • receipt of medical examination
  • a  list of scientific publications (if any);
  • a reference ​ letter.  


  1. Capacity for the critical analysis, and estimation of modern scientific achievements and generation of new ideas, while solving research and practical problems, including interdisciplinary spheres.
  2. Capacity for complex surveys designing and implementation, including interdisciplinary surveys, based on a holistic systematic scientific approach.
  3. Capacity for self-sufficient and motivated decision making in non-standard situations, and readiness to hold responsibility for their consequences.
  4. Knowledge of theoretical and experimental research methodology.
  5. Capacity for the formulation of new research methods, and their implementation in independent scientific and research practice, with due regard to rules of the copyright observation;
  6. Readiness to organize the work of a research group.


SpecialtyPeriod of studiesQualification 
Program​​Language of instruction​Tuition fees (rubles)

Full-time mode​

​​​​Faculty of Mathema​tics

4 years01.06.01Mathematics and MechanicsRussian​151 600
4 years09.06.01 Informatics and Computer Science​Russian159 100
​​Faculty of Physics​​ ​ ​ ​ ​​4 years03.06.01Physics and Astronomy ​Russian​159 100
Faculty of Chemistry​ ​4 ​years04.06.01Chemical Sciences​Russian​​​159 100
Faculty of Eurasia and East

3 years41.06.01Political Science and Regional Studies
Russian​151 600
3 years47.06.01Philosophy, Ethics, and Religious Studies
Russian151 600
Faculty of Linguistics and Translation​​
3 years45.06.01Linguistics and Literary Studies​Russian151 600

Faculty of History and Philology

3 years41.06.01Political Science and Regional Studies​Russian151 600
3 years
Linguistics and Literary Studies
Russian151 600
3 years
Historical Sciences and Archaeology​Russian151 600
Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy3​ years37.06.01​Psychological Sciences ​Russian​151 600​

​​Institute of Education and Practical Psychology  ​
3 years37.06.01 Psychological Sciences 
Russian151 600
3 years44.06.01 Education and pedagogy
Russian151 600​
 Faculty of Management
3 years38.06.01​ Economics​
Russian151 600
Faculty of Ecology​​
4 years20.06.01 Technosphere safetyRussian159 100

​​​Faculty of Economics​

3  years38.06.01 EconomicsRussian151 600
3 years39.06.01 
Sociological SciencesRussian151 600​​
3 years44.06.01 Education and pedagogyRussian151 600
Faculty of Journalism
3 years42.06.01 Mass Media and Information and Library ServicesRussian151 600​
Institute of Information Technologies​
4 years09.06.01 Informatics and Computer ScienceRussian159 100
​​Institute of Law​
3 years40.06.01
JurisprudenceRussian​151 600
​​​​​Institute of Economics of Industry, Business and Administration
3​ years38.06.01 EconomicsRussian​151 600
​Faculty of Biology
4 years06.06.01Biological Sciences 
159 100
The tuition fee for the 1st course in 2021-2022 academic year (Postgraduate programs) full-time mode.