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Regulations of submitting, reviewing and publishing articles

Articles are accepted by contact emails of the relevant scientific areas exclusively in electronic form. Each article is subject to reviewing. In case of a positive reviewers' decision, a contract will be signed with the author and the article will be published in "CSU Bulletin" of the respective scientific area.

1. Submission of manuscripts

1.1. Papers and other material to be submitted for publication must be sent to the editorial board by e-mail.

1.2. The editors receive an electronic file of the manuscript. A  reception notification and an initial compliance check are sent to the authors.


2. Review of articles


2.1. Publication peer review of all submitted articles.

2.2. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of peer-reviewed material and have all published in the same field as the article in the last 3 years.           

2.3. The texts of the reviews are stored in the publishing and editorial archives for 5 years.

2.4. Editors send to the authors a copy of the review or the reason of the refusal. They are required to send copies of the review to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation whenever it would be requested.

2.5. When carrying out the review, the reviewers are guided by reviewing standards.

2.6. When drawing up a reasoned refusal, editors are guided by the procedure defined the editorial ethics (COPE standards).

2.7. Reviewers use approved templates when compiling the review .

2.8. Meetings of the Editorial Board for the adoption or refusal of articles for publication are logged.

2.9. The quorum for decision-making is 50% of the total number of the editorial board members.


3. Publishing articles


3.1. In case of  a positive decision from the reviewers, and approval by the Editorial Board, the author will have a contract with the editor whereas his/her article will be published in open-access resources.

3.2. Questions on further editing of accepted articles are resolved in a process of communication with authors.

3.3. Articles are published in the print version of the magazine, and are posted on the website of the CSU library and e-library resource.

3.4. The magazine issues are delivered to the authors by mail.​

​​​Submission of articles: