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International Conference

Chelyabinsk State University
Russian Society of Economic History Researchers
15-18 June 2020

Call for papers
The Cold War was a complex and multifaceted phenomenon extending beyond just chronological framework. Ideological confrontation and economics restrictions, after the Second World War, stimulated the emergence of new forms of cooperation between socialist countries.
Taking into account the growing interest in the history of cooperation between the socialist countries, we want to address the problem of motivation for cooperation in the field of economics, scientific and technological developments, and cultural as well as ideological exchange. In which cases was cooperation forced by a political will? Which cases were situational (determined by external factors) and in what purposeful step, on the path to the “victory of communism”? Can cooperation be considered within the framework of CMEA as a mechanism for adapting to the conditions of the Cold War? How were specific projects and areas of cooperation motivated during the different CMEA periods, and in the context of the C​old War events?
The above questions are a starting point for discussion and do not limit the subject of reports. In any case, our aim is to bring together historians of Cold War and socialist countries, in cooperation, to discuss current research projects and actual methodological problems.
The conference aims to stimulate discussions, in order to identify and understand motives of socialist cooperation. We are open to proposals for roundtables and discussion topics.
We also hope that an informal atmosphere will emerge for a productive discussion of professional issues.

Registration will be open from 1 December 2019 until 31 January 2020 on https://forms.gle/rnkbHBGfXQZvoQRx6

You can also contact the organizers directly via CMEAconference2020@gmail.com

Guidelines for sessions

We invite just a few presenters for a closer look at their research and only one presenter in each session.

Sessions will last 45 minutes.

Paper presenter – 25 minutes

Discussant – 10 minutes

Q&A – 10 minutes

The working language of the conference is English.

Guidelines for roundtables

Roundtable will last 60-90 minutes.

Please be mindful of the time constraints and the fair allocation of time between participants.